If you’re considering starting your career as a Barbering or Beauty Professional, the best thing to do is come in and meet with a friendly, knowledgeable Washington Barber College Admissions Representative today.

When you visit our campus you can meet with faculty and staff and see first-hand how our Barber/Barber Instructor programs run. You can speak with students and our instructors who are working professionals in the Barbering & Beauty fields. Plus, you can see for yourself exactly what it’s like to work in a professional shop or salon by touring our state-of-art facilities.

You can also meet with a financial aid advisor. When you come in we’ll help you go through any necessary paper work and make sure you get all the financial aid you qualify for. So you can start school worry-free!

Coming in for a free, no-obligation tour is a great way to get a feel for how we operate at Washington Barber College  and see if our career training is a good fit for you. Plus, it gives us a chance to speak in person to go through how we can best help you reach your goals.

Admission Requirements

Washington Barber College, Inc. admits as regularly enrolled students only those persons who have:

  • Identification – current driver’s license or state issued photo identification.
  • Have a High School diploma or transcripts showing graduation date
  • Have a recognized equivalent of a High School Diploma such as a home schooled certificate by the state where the student resided during  home school or a General Education Diploma (GED)
  • Are at least 17 years of age, (beyond the age of compulsory education in the State in which the institution is physically located).
  • Are not currently enrolled at a primary or secondary institution
  • Programs are based on 35( Full-time)/and 23(Part-time) clock hours a week.

*Students seeking to transfer hours from another institution will be reviewed on a case by case basis.