How to Apply

How to Apply

Students may contact admissions personnel by telephone, fax, email, or visit the facility.

There is someone available during normal business hours to discuss available programs, consumer information – including outcome rates noting completion, licensure and placement, job market, reasonable income one may expect upon receiving a license to practice the art of barbering and or related fields, financial information including how they may apply for federal funds.

Students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA on the web site using the school’s identification number, class schedule, program length, cost of attendance, books, campus crime report, and anticipated licensure fees. Students are given a tour of the facility, introduced to staff and students along the tour site, encouraged to ask questions, if the potential student is a dependent minor they must be accompanied by a parent and or legal guardian.

Students are asked to initial and or sign upon receipt of consumer information to verify documents received. The above information is provided to ensure students are able to make a wise decision in choosing a school that meets their needs. If the potential student expresses a desire to become a student with Washington Barber College, Inc. another appointment is scheduled, it is at the second appointment that matters of signing an enrollment agreement, class schedule etc. is completed.

The enrollment process will take approximately two (2) weeks from application to actual enrollment in our training program.  A personal interview will be scheduled upon a prospect consideration for the program of choice.  All necessary documents, as listed in the admissions packet, should be submitted prior to start date.  New classes will begin every Tuesday.

Students are provided with copies of the enrollment agreement, catalog, consumer information etc. Students are apprised of requirement to attend orientation prior to commencing classes.